WATCH: The Vamps Were Forced To Stop Mid-Show After Fans Fainted In The Crowd

20 September 2018, 14:08

The Vamps stopped their show mid-way through to help fans that had fainted.
The Vamps stopped their show mid-way through to help fans that had fainted. Picture: Twitter/Instagram

Brad Simpson proved just how much the boys care about their fans by stopping mid-show multiple times to make sure their fans were OK.

The Vamps are busy touring the USA right now, but they took to Twitter to explain why they had to stop their LA show multiple times, in order to help fans that had been fainting in the crowd.

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Connor Ball took to Twitter to thank their fans for understanding, as they wanted to make sure all of their fans were safe and well. He posted, “Sorry LA that we had to stop so many times tonight, we always put your guys safety first and wanna take care of every one of you so thank for you for understanding. tonight’s show was unreal, huge thank you as always x”

Fans also took to Twitter to share videos and thank the boys for taking care of their safety and helping the fans that were not feeling well:

Another fan came forward to say it was her and a friend that the boys spotted fainting, reveaing, “Omg Chloe I was at the Vamps concert today and Me and my best friend Fainted and Brad literally stopped the concert to get us out and he came to check on us Purest Soul.”

We didn’t think it was possible to love The Vamps any more than we already do, but apparently it is. KINGS.

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