9 Vines That Prove The Vamps' Tristan Evans Is Your Soulmate

15 August 2014, 14:10 | Updated: 27 August 2014, 15:20

Tristan from The Vamps

As the drummer of The Vamps, we're usually too busy staring at Tristan Evans' biceps to concentrate on anything else. But now we've investigated further, it's become clear that Tris is totes the soulmate you've been waiting for...

OH TRISTAN EVANS. As the drummer of The Vamps, he has to spend most of his time tucked away at the back of the stage while the others prance about wildly.

But NO LONGER, because now we're making Tris the centre of attention in his very own, Vine special. Hooray!

Could he be your soulmate? If these clips make you swoon (and let's face it, they will), then the answer is most definitely YES!

 1. His public displays of affection.

PDAs are important in ANY relationship, so it's good to know that Tristan isn't afraid to show some love occasionally (even in front of a crowd full of people!). 

2. His cute/slightly weird noises...

Because how could you ever stay mad at THAT face? Impossible. 

3. This boy KNOWS how to twerk!

Seriously, any guy who can shake it like that has a LOT of potential.

4. Plus he looks GREAT in a bit of black-and-white.

It's safe to say that Tris minus colour is actually dangerous for our health!

5. He isn't afraid to get sassy when necessary!

 Which we all know is EXTREMELY important. 

 6. He could TOTALLY fix your car for you.

You know, in theory. He'd give it a good go, though.

7. He'd do WHATEVER it took to make you laugh...  

And yes, this goofy little face of his IS making us laugh right now. 

8. He'd always be on hand to get you your caffeine fix.

For this reason alone, he is PERFECT.

9. Every time he winks... an angel earns its wings ;)

Thanks for being you, Tristan. We're pretty sure we just became your soulmate, so congrats. 

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