The Vamps On New Song 'Oh Cecilia' And Being "Freezing" On Their Tropical Video Shoot

15 September 2014, 15:01

The Vamps tell us all about ‘Cecilia’, tour plans and their glamorous video shoots!

Whether you’re a #Vampette or not, it’s impossible to deny just how awesome their new song ‘Cecilia’ actually is!

When the boys came in to see us at Capital, we quizzed them on why they chose to rework the Simon and Garfunkel tune.

Brad told us, “We’d all obviously heard it around the house from our parents playing it. It just really worked for us, and it just felt really upbeat and the chorus is such a great chorus as well so we kind of knew as soon as we heard it that we wanted to do it.”

And with so many great tracks on their debut album – this is their FIFTH single release from ‘Meet The Vamps’ – why did they choose ‘Cecilia’ as the next song?

Brad told us, “We’ve always kind of had a soft spot for that song because we have been playing it since day one. I think it’s one of the best live tracks, that always is a big indication for us as to what would translate to a good single because I think it’s a good determiner when you play it to a crowd, and it’s fun. We were just very happy with it as a single.”

The boys shot the exotic video for ‘Cecilia’ in sunny Spain, and have had some pretty nice locations for some of their previous video shoots, but which was their favourite?

James McVey joked, “Hackney was pretty good!”. At least we HOPE he was joking…

And with so many singles already under their belts, what plans do the boys have for their upcoming tour?

Tristan Evans told us, “We are trying to create more of a show. We’ve obviously got more of a bigger production than we’ve ever had, like lights.” To which Brad joked, “It’s usually pitch black!”

Tristan added, “We’ve got some lasers and we’ve got fire, we’ve got fireworks and everything.” But Brad soon squashed those hopes, saying, “Don’t get your hopes up for the fireworks because we haven’t, sorry!” 

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