The Script: Jingling with excitement

From Capital’s showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes

The Script played a special gig for fans last night, Wednesday, at the 02 Islington Academy; the home of the band’s first ever London gig.

700 fans applied on Facebook to see the band play an hour long set, to celebrate their recent album “Science and Faith” reaching No.1.

The Script are also playing Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball on Saturday December 5th and Danny told Capital that the band can’t wait.

“It’s amazing, Capital have been so good to us and there’s going to be so many people there with your shows it’s just incredible. We’re going to keep it to a tight set and probably four hits, you know like don’t bore us get to the chorus.” And who is Danny looking forward to seeing? “You know what; I’m honestly going to be sitting out there like a fan watching the entire show. Like at festivals, I love checking out other bands as we don’t normally get the chance to see them. I’m going to be out there front row centre.”

But what about hanging out with Fergie, from Black Eyed Peas and Nicole Sherzinger? Danny told us “Fergie is probably more about bottles and crystal, travelling on a G4 plane and all these things but that’s not really my style. My style is turning up on a bike with a bottle of wine. So Nicole or Fergie, I’ll share a glass with anyone! But it’s always cool to get the chance to hang out with other artists backstage.”

With so many bands backstage, we wondered if the band would consider any future collaborations? Danny admitted that’s always a possibility. “We actually tried to get Cee Lo as a special guest on our forthcoming arena tour, as we’re such huge fans of his, but schedules didn’t work out. Tinie Tempah is actually also touring with us in Australia, which is exclusive news, so that might lead to something special as you can sometimes just write something backstage and it ends up as a single, so we’ll see what happens.”

Danny also talked to us about the making of the video for current single “Nothing.”  Danny told us “Wow, don’t try that at home; jumping from Camden Lock straight into that rat-infested water. We actually spent two days making the video and on the first day we actually spent in the pub, drinking. The next day I got the chance to work in an underwater tank was amazing and after the Talk you down video where I was strings and went through the window of a car and now I’ve done underwater scenes I think I’m ready to be a professional stuntman. Bring on 007 next!”

The song itself is about drunk dialling, “something we all do,” says Danny.” We all wake up everyday and look at our phone and think did I really call them and anyone who denies doing it is lying,” he joked.

And with Christmas just weeks away, we wanted to know what’s on Danny’s Christmas list? “I’m getting time off and I’m going skiing. I’m a bit of an adrenalin junkie and I want to try everything. My girlfriend jumped from a plane recently, so we might do a tandem jump and we’ll try everything, you know, snowboarding and skiing.” Sounds like another video to us!

Kevin’s backstage chat with Danny at the 02 Islington Academy

Nothing is out this Sunday from the album “Science and Faith”