The Script New Album '#3' Track By Track Guide

18 September 2012, 15:57 | Updated: 18 September 2012, 16:33

Join Capital as we listen to the new third album from Danny, Mark and Glen, fresh from the success of their huge number one smash 'Hall Of Fame' with

The Script are back with their third studio album '#3' and Capital has a track by track guide to the Irish trio's brand new record.

With two years since the release of their 2010 sophomore record 'Science & Faith', Danny O'Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power have been working hard on the follow-up and released the long-awaited record this month (7th September).

Fresh from Danny O'Donoghue's turn as a vocal coach on The Voice UK, the 'Man Who Can't Be Moved' singer has even tasked to feature on The Script's first ever collaboration on 'Hall Of Fame', as well as promising the band's most personal album yet.

Check out Capital's track by track guide to The Script's '#3' below and let us know which songs are your favourite:

'Good Ol' Days'

This sing-along track is the perfect way to start of The Script's third studio offering, as it sees the three band members realising that they will soon look back on their days of touring and performing as simply the 'Good Ol' Days'. Guitarist Mark Sheehan adds to the "buddy" style feel of the song with several impressive rap segments, while Danny leads the charge with a memorable chorus as he proclaims, "We'll remember this night until we're old and grey, 'cause in the future these will be the good ol' days". A feel good song.

'Six Degrees Of Separation'

The Voice UK judge Danny's ode to a past relationship sees the Irish singer urging a former love to realise her mistakes in some of his most honest, and brutal, lyrics to date. 'Six Degrees Of Separation' boasts a rousing chorus as it speaks about the regrets people feel after a break-up, and shows off The Script at their songwriting best.

'Hall Of Fame' Featuring

The album's lead single as well as their first collaboration, 'Hall Of Fame' features Danny's fellow The Voice UK vocal coach stopping by for a classic duet that is sure to be the high point of The Script's live shows from this point forward. After recently reaching number one on the Vodafone Big Top 40 it's clear 'Hall Of Fame' has hit a chord with fans, and's inclusion offers a refreshing change to the band's usual sound. Plus it's clear Danny and Will had loads of fun recording and shooting the video for this big 2012 hit.


'If You Could See Me Now'

The fourth track on The Script's new record '#3' is perhaps the most poignant song on the whole album as both Danny and Mark pay tribute to their lost ones. The piano led ballad sees the band at their best, with a powerful chorus, rousing instrumental backing and lyrical content that features Mark and Danny pouring their hearts into the words. While both have admitted they are unsure if they would ever be able to play it live, the track stands out as a true highlight on '#3'.


The Script bring back the good times on 'Glowing' with a soft rock song that has a great pace and a chorus that's undeniably catchy and boasts the power pop sound the band have become known for.

'Give The Love Around'

The next song on '#3' switches up the sound of the record by introducing an impressive string section and a slower pace for the song 'Glowing'. Danny urges fans to, "Give love to your brother, love to your sister" in a track that hopes to inspire people to be good to one another.

'Broken Arrow'

The Script take a more acoustic approach to 'Broken Arrow' as singer Danny and rapper come guitarist Mark work well off each other and showcase a much more raw sound than many of the band's fans will be used to.

Check out a picture of Danny from The Script performing live below (Credit: Getty):


In another album highlight, The Script show shades of U2 in the anthemic 'Kaleidoscope', a song destined to be played in stadiums across the world on the band's next tour. The slow-building song boasts more "oohs" and "aahs" than you could shake a leg at, and Danny gets to show off his incredible vocal range on the track's uplifting chorus.

'No Words'

This song does exactly what it says on the tin as The Script power through a tricky topic, finding the time to say what you want to your loved ones. While the verses see Danny speaking his thoughts aloud as he wonders what to say, the Irish singer-songwriter leads into the chorus by simply saying, "There are no words" and letting the band's music do the talking instead. It's a dramatic track and sure to be a live favourite.


The Script wrap up their third studio album with a soft rock anthem about a couple so wrapped up in each other they don't care about the time, spending it like they "were millionaires", which gives '#3' an overwhelmingly positive note to end on.

Check out the official album artwork for The Script's new record '#3' below:
The Script's third album '#3' is available to download now.