The Saturdays: 10 Essential Things You NEED To Be The Sixth Member

11 August 2014, 16:44

The Saturdays

Admit it, you TOTALLY want to be the sixth member of The Saturdays, and with these 10 handy tips it might just become a reality (although probably not).

HOORAY, The Saturdays have officially released their Greatest Hits album, which is chock-a-block full of tunes.

Now that we've been singing along to 'Up' all day (with the coloured tights to match, obviously) we're pretty sure we NEED to become the sixth member.  

If you're a well-functioning human, you probably feel the same too, right? Well then, you're in luck, because we've put together a foolproof guide of ESSENTIAL things you need to become an actual Saturdays star.

1. The hair flick of dreams...

The perfect hair flick is not only extremely difficult, but full-on DANGEROUS if done correctly. You'll pretty much be swarmed by eligible suitors afterwards. 

2. On-point selfie game...

Whether you rock a pout like Mollie and Vanessa or do a full cheesy grin like Frankie, Una and Rochelle, you better make sure you know your Valencia from your Hudson! 

3. Killer dance moves

The backbone of pretty much every girl band, ever. The Sats specialise in sharp and sassy moves, so start practising your head shaking and hip wiggling NOW.

4. Your own reality TV show

REMEMBER THIS? When the girls went stateside to crack the US, they let the whole thing be filmed by a fancy camera crew. There were laughs, there were tears... They basically became the UK version of the Kardashians. Now, how easy is it for US to get our own show?!

5. A super-chic clothing range 

Mollie King Oasis collection

Mollie's got her collaboration with Oasis and Rochelle's just released her own line with Very... Better get sketching then!  

6. A pop star husband

Marvin and Rochelle engaged in Antigua

While we're pretty sure the whole of the old JLS crew aren't available anymore (sob), why not try and nab yourself a member of 5SOS or Rixton to tick this box? Any takers?

7. A football star will do just as well, though!

Frankie Sandford Engagement ring

You don't just have to limit yourself to a popstar! Why not 'do a Frankie' and marry a footballer instead? And once you've got THAT sorted...  

8. Some ADORABLE kids

Una Healy kid Instagram

3/5 of The Sats are yummy mummies which is slightly mind-blowing considering how amazing they look all of the time. It means you'd never be shy of a babysitter either, so obviously that's a BIG plus. 

9. An amazing colour coordinated wardrobe

Yes, you may need to start ringing your friends every time you're about to meet them in order to coordinate a 'different but kind of exactly the same' look, but hey, it's totally going to be worth it.  

10. BFF status with the rest of The Sats!

YOU CAN'T SIT WITH THEM. Just kidding, you probably can, but to be a member of The Saturdays you're probably going to need that amazing bond that they all have with each other. AWWW.