When Did The Jonas Brothers Break Up, Are They Triplets And How Old Are Joe, Nick And Kevin?

1 March 2019, 12:05 | Updated: 1 March 2019, 12:15

The Jonas Brothers are back with a new single
The Jonas Brothers are back with a new single. Picture: Getty / The Jonas Brothers/Instagram

The Jonas Brothers have officially reunited, making an epic comeback with their new single 'Sucker' – but why did Nick, Kevin, and Joe break-up in the first place, and how old are they now?

The Jonas Brothers are back in our lives, and fans are losing their minds over the reunion as well as the boys’ new single 'Sucker'.

Nick, Kevin, and Joe disbanded in 2013 to focus on their individual passions, with Nick releasing solo music, Joe later joining DNCE, and Kevin landed his own reality TV show with wife Danielle Jones.

Jonas Brothers' Partners Star In 'Sucker' Music Video Following Band's Reunion

But the boys have put their break-up behind them, and are back with new music as they embark on a new chapter of their lives.

Why Did The Jonas Brothers Break-Up?

The brothers appeared on Good Morning America after announcing their split, explaining to Robin Roberts they chose “to be brothers first”.

And last year Nick told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live he was actually the reason for their split, saying: “I initiated the conversation because it needed to be had.

“We just reached a point where we weren’t creating the kind of music that we needed to create to really progress and it wasn’t really healthy in that respect anymore.”

The Jonas Brothers split in 2013
The Jonas Brothers split in 2013. Picture: Getty

Are The Jonas Brothers Triplets?

Although they look fairly similar, the boys aren’t actually triplets. Kevin and Joe are two years apart, while Joe and Nick have three years between them.

They also have another brother, 18-year-old Frankie who never featured as part of his siblings’ group but is just as close to his brothers.

How Old Are The Jonas Brothers?

Kevin is 31, Joe is 29, and Nick is 26.

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