Jonas Brothers Hilariously Recreate Kim Kardashian's "Don't Be F***ing Rude" Scene

14 January 2020, 07:32

Kim Kardashian reacted to the 'Sucker' band's award-worthy rendition of a scene from Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Just days before they drop their next single, 'WHAT A MAN GOTTA DO', Jonas Brothers filmed their own rendition of an iconic scene from the second season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Obviously envious of the likes of Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt after their Academy Award nominations, Joe Jonas shared the clip to his 12.7 million Instagram followers, with the caption "Don't be Rude!"

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In the clip, Joe can be seen storming into the room, à la Kim Kardashian as he pelts Nick Jonas, who can be seen playing Khloé, as Joe screams "don't be f***ing rude!"

This is an uncanny replication of the 2008 scene in Keeping Up With the Kardashians where Kim repeatedly hit her sister with her handbag, whilst shouting "I swear to god, don't be f***ing rude... I'll f***ing hurt you. Don't do that."

The original stars of the clip - Kim and Khloé - both saw the Jonas Brothers' rendition, and were quick to respond. Kim wrote "OMGGGG I love you guys!!!!!" whilst Khloé jokingly replied "I couldn’t love you guys any more!! Killed it!"

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Some more of the 'Cool' singers' friends spotted the clip and responded, including Hailey Bieber, Diplo and Priyanka Chopra.

Meanwhile, the band recently announced a new single - having previously teased their fans on social media, with Joe, Nick and Kevin all posting eye emoji. Then then confirmed their latest single 'WHAT A MAN GOTTA DO' will be released on Friday, 17 January.

Jonas Brothers release new single 'WHAT A MAN GOTTA DO'
Jonas Brothers release new single 'WHAT A MAN GOTTA DO'. Picture: Twitter

Fans believe they've managed to work out what the song sounds like, after the three Jonas Brothers shared three Instagram Stories, all including sound effects - such as a chair falling down, and a vending machine - which some have pieced together to make a song.

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