WATCH: Jonas Brothers Want To Do Camp Rock 3 In A Special Way

4 March 2019, 15:52 | Updated: 4 March 2019, 15:55

Jonas Brothers want to bring back Camp Rock in a different way
Jonas Brothers want to bring back Camp Rock in a different way. Picture: Shuttershock

The Jonas Brothers are officially back and they've spilled all the tea about the possibility of a Camp Rock 3, the Disney movie they started out on with Demi Lovato.

The Jonas Brothers stopped by for a chat after announcing they're officially reuniting and making all of our teenage dreams come true, and they also addressed the possibility of a Camp Rock 3.

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It was the Disney movie that they starred in alongside Demi Lovato that catapulted them into the limelight and was the springboard to all of their careers, rocketing them to teenage stardom overnight.

When asked if there was room for any of their old stuff such as Disney's Camp Rock in this new era of Jonas brothers, they replied:

"Ooh, doubtful, it think we probably would go for more of like a skit, like a SNL skit or something like that or go on one of the shows here and do something funny."

Joe Jonas wants to bring back Came Rock for a comedy sketch
Joe Jonas wants to bring back Came Rock for a comedy sketch. Picture: Capital FM

"I feel that would be better to play because for us we separate Jonas Brothers and stuff we did with Disney."

"There's a nice gap now as we're adults and as much as those movies were such a big part of our lives and we love the music from them and of course we play them still, it would be a little weird to see us in a Disney movie."

Nick Jonas is 'doubtful' they'd ever do a Camp Rock 3
Nick Jonas is 'doubtful' they'd ever do a Camp Rock 3. Picture: Capital FM

Nick, Joe and Kevin have reformed the band six years after they split and have said their time away gave them the time to 'heal' that they needed.

They've given Jimmy Hill the whole low down on their comeback, including the load of new music they have on the way and the interview will air this evening, Monday 4th March at 7pm on The Capital Evening Show With Jimmy Hill.

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