Take That - The Circus

Take That's new album, The Circus is finally here.

Featuring their chart-topper, Greatest Day it's a worthy follow-up to their previous No. 1 album, Beautiful World. Here's our rundown of our four favourite tracks...

The Garden
A five minute epic, this is a song that just gets bigger and bigger in sound as it progresses. Beginning with a gentle piano intro and a delicate vocal performance from Mark Owen, soaring strings, marching band-style drums, horns and guitars are all gradually chucked into the mix before it crescendos into its anthemic 'this is the life we've been given, so open your mind and start living' chorus. It's an ambitious track and is exactly the reason why they've been so massive since making their return a couple of years ago.

Greatest Day
You'll have all heard their latest single by now. It's a proper grown-up pop record along the same lines as Rule The World and sees the boys try their hand at a much more complex vocal arrangement than we've heard from them previously. The track is available to download from November 24th and you can check out pictures from the video shoot here.

Said It All

Goodness - they've really gone overboard with the strings on this album! Said It All is a bleak, rock-influenced, break-up anthem which wouldn't have sounded out of place of Snow Patrol's recent album.

Up All Night
Mark Owen takes the lead on this one once again and, while it starts off with just an acoustic guitar and percussion for accompaniment, it morphs into something altogether very different. If we had to compare it to anything, it would be their hit single, Shine crossed with I Can't Decide from Scissor Sisters' second album, Ta-Dah... only with a brass band trumping in the background. We're expecting a great performance of this on their upcoming tour.

If you fancy seeing Take That live, don't forget tickets for their 2009 UK tour are on sale now. The Circus is out now on Polydor Records.