Snoop Dogg: "New Name Snoop Lion And Reggae Album Bemused Dr Dre"

1 August 2012, 14:40

The 'Beautiful' rapper's decision to start recording reggae music foxed his producer and long-term friend.

Snoop Dogg has revealed that his decision to rename himself Snoop Lion and record a reggae album bemused producer Dr Dre.

The 'Drop It Like It's Hot' star revealed earlier this week that he had decided to pursue a new direction after undergoing a spiritual rebirth in Jamaica.

Snoop said he had been enlightened by the experience, which foxed his long-term collaborator Dr Dre initially before 'The Next Episode' star warmed to the idea.

"He would see me come to rehearsals with all of my Rastafari, my gear, my hair, my look. He was just peeping me out, and I let him know I was doing a reggae project and working on the album and whatnot, but he didn't really understand it until 'La La La' came out," he told MTV News.

"Now he understands that I'm fully with it and I'm all in it to win it.So he gets it, and I got his support. He just didn't understand it because I didn't explain it to him. I wasn't tryna keep it a secret; it just wasn't time to unveil until now."

'La La La' is the first single to be taken from Snoop's new reggae album 'Reincarnated'.

It marks a dramatic departure for the former rap star, whose previous songs include 'Still A G Thang' and 'Beautiful'.

You can listen to 'La La La' below: