Watch: Sigma Reveal That They Would Work On New Music With The Vamps

28 January 2015, 10:54 | Updated: 28 January 2015, 11:46

They may be an underground breakthrough act, but music duo Sigma wouldn’t rule out collaborating with The Vamps

If there were two acts we probably wouldn’t imagine working together, it would be Sigma and The Vamps – but the underground duo say they wouldn’t rule it out. 

When the boys came in to see Max, Joe revealed that they are open to working with a variety of different artists, so they would never say never to dropping some new music with The Vamps.

Joe explained, “Our styles are so different but we are kind of open to anything really. I think the key thing for us is that, because we have obviously come right from the underground and we’re working with all these different people, we really respect how hard it is to maintain a career in the pop world and to also be able to write tracks that are really big tunes. Because there is a skill in writing the underground stuff but I’d say there is even more of a skill in writing tracks that become pop hits.”

So a Sigma/Vamps collaboration could be on the cards in the future? We DEFINITELY hope so!

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