Rizzle Kicks "Over The Moon" After Meeting Will Smith At Men In Black 3 Premiere

17 May 2012, 08:42 | Updated: 17 May 2012, 08:48

The 'Mama Do The Hump' stars recall the moment they bumped into the Hollywood star last night.

Rizzle Kicks managed to meet and freestyle rap with actor Will Smith on the blue carpet of the Men In Black 3 premiere in London's Leicester Square last night (16th May).

The 'Down With The Trumpets' duo told Capital FM that the moment was one of the greatest things they've ever done and are "over the moon" following their impromptu greeting.

"You've seen us at a few of these things, yeh there's people about, but I'm actually shaking," recalled Jordan. "Harley added: "I've got a headache now because I'm so excited."

Speaking about what occurred, Jordan continued: "We got up and freestyled for him and then he was like 'Yo, yo you got the vibes man' and then he went 'Rizzle Kicks Will Smith' and then I was like 'oh my god' we got a photo and now we're best friends."

"I don't think he was very impressed with the rap – it was quite bad. But everything else, enthusiasm, charisma, the balls to do it in the first place," he added. "I'm over the moon man."

You can view a picture of Rizzle Kicks and Will Smith at the Men In Black 3 premiere last night below: (Picture: Twitter)

Rizzle Kicks and Will Smith

The band also took to Twitter following the moment to post the picture to their followers and the message: "Best moment ever. Freestyled with him and he used his and our name in the same sentence. Unbelievable."

Other stars in attendance included Emma Thompson, Josh Brolin and Nicole Scherzinger who was chaperoned by boyfriend Lewis Hamilton.

Meanwhile, the duo recently unveiled new song 'Nasty' in dedication to rapper Nas and features a freestyle rap from the stars.

You can listen to Rizzle Kicks talking to Capital FM's Showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes at the premiere of Men In Black 3 below:

Rizzle kicks tell Capital FM about meeting Will Smith