Rixton - ’Me And My Broken Heart’ (Live At Capital’s Summertime Ball 2015) - WATCH

Rixton are back for the second year running at the Summertime Ball and their number one hit 'Me And My Broken Heart' was a crowd favourite at Wembley.

We introduced you to Rixton as a breaking act at last year's Summertime Ball and the boys are BACK for a second time around at Wembley - and their number one hit had the crowds going crazy! 

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Taking to the stage for the second year running, 'Me And My Broken Heart' had 80,000 of you singing along to Rixton's debut number one hit. Jake Roche, Danny Wilkin, Lewi Morgan and Charley Bagnall definitely got the crowds approval - the screams were deafening as the boys took to the stage. 

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They're officially Wembley veterans, and you can relive their brilliant performance as many times as you like just by clicking the video above. Work it, Jake !