5 Questions With Rixton: American Accents, Long Tongues And Ed Sheeran!

21 October 2014, 16:00 | Updated: 22 October 2014, 10:59

Jake, Lewi, Charley and Danny are each faced with five tricky questions when they visit Capital.

Rixton face the ultimate grilling this week in Capital TV's 5 Questions For Rixton.

Kicking off with the bands guitarist/vocalist Charley Bagnall (above) who reveals the celebrity he'd most like to send to space would unfortunately have to be 'The Only Way Is Essex' star, Amy Childs. He also revealed his math skills (or lack of), and which of the other boys he'd not cope with being stuck on a desert island alongside.

Rixton's Danny Wilkin shows us his extraordinarily long tongue (again - he just can't keep it in his mouth), shows off his best American accent AND best of all manages to fit not two, not three, but FOUR hands worth of fingers in his mouth... we did ask!

Band frontman and 'incredibly good looking' member of Rixton according to his Twitter, Jake Roche is third up to the plate and admits to owning Spice Girls on cassette (nothing wrong with that Jake!), and can't help talk some more about his text BFF - Ed Sheeran...

Arguably the most mysterious member of the band, with his infamous rucksack, Rixton drummer Lewi Morgantells us the meaning of life, and as if that wasn't enough also quotes and mimics Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We might now know the boys of Rixton a little too well...

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