Professor Green: "I Don't Look Like The X Factor's James Arthur"

8 October 2012, 14:13

The 'Read All About It' star hits out at Twitter followers who claim he's a lookalike of the talent show hopeful.

Professor Green has angrily hit back at claims he looks like The X Factor contestant James Arthur.

The 'Read All About It' rapper took to Twitter to rubbish the suggestion after receiving a series of tweets from his followers telling him he looked like the talent show hopeful.

He wrote: "I've not caught X Factor but I'm getting quite tired of this James Arthur stuff. If I see him and we look nothing alike you can all burn."

After a follower sent a picture of James, Professor Green tweeted: "You can all f**k off and die slowly the yout does not look like me."

The X Factor hopeful then became involved in the debate, joking that Professor Green was much better looking.

Professor Green and James Arthur, who the rapper has denied looking like:

Professor Green and James Arthur

To which Pro replied: "Lol mate if you saw my Twitter feed - I thought I had a twin! Must be the tatts."

Meanwhile, Gary Barlow walked off The X Factor last night (7th October) when fellow judge Louis Walsh could not decide which contestant to save.