Professor Green Says One Direction Might Regret Their Tattoos In Future

15 October 2013, 13:24

The 'Never Be A Right Time' rapper says he always makes sure he is certain about any designs he gets.

Professor Green has hinted that One Direction may regret their tattoo choices in the future.

The 'Best Song Ever' boy band are well known for their love of getting new tattoo designs during their travels, but similarly inked pop star Professor Green says he tries to plan his out carefully rather than getting them on instinct.

"It takes me a while to decide what tattoo I want," he told The Sun this week. "I sleep on it.

"You get these young kids like those boys in One Direction who go crazy and start tattooing their bodies all over," Professor Green explained. "You never know, they might like them in a few years or they could be really sad about it."

View a picture of Zayn Malik showing off his latest tattoo last week out in Australia below (Credit: Splash):

Band member Zayn Malik is the latest One Direction star to add to his growing body art collation, getting the image of a tiger done on his left arm during a stay in Sydney earlier this month.

Professor Green return with new album 'Growing Up In Public' on 12th May 2014.