Professor Green Gets Advice From Coldplay's Chris Martin

20 January 2012, 09:47 | Updated: 20 January 2012, 10:26

The 'At Your Inconvenience' rapper says he enjoyed chatting with the indie singer when they met in December last year.

Professor Green says he struck up a friendship with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin while supporting the band on their recent tour.

The 'Read All About It' rapper joined the 'Paradise' singer for the final dates of Coldplay's European tour back in December, and says Chris has become a bit of a mentor to him.

"Chris is clearly a brilliant mind," Professor Green told The Sun this week. "He took us out to dinner when we were on tour with their band and I really enjoyed having a good chinwag with him.

"He's very inquisitive," he explained. "We went for dinner and he was asking me questions about growing up.

"Somehow we got on to the subject of my dad and, obviously with him having committed suicide, it all got quite dark. But instead of switching subjects we ended up talking more." 

The rapper added: "He's very, very typically English – very polite and he seems to care about the right things."

Earlier this week Professor Green revealed he has already penned 15 songs for his upcoming third studio album.