Professor Green Furious After His £100,000 Is Pranged By Driver During Concert

12 November 2012, 14:38 | Updated: 12 November 2012, 15:14

The 'At Your Inconvenience' rapper says he has the details of a drive who sped off after hitting his car.

Professor Green has been tweeting his anger at a driver who pranged his £100,000 car last night and sped out without doing anything to sort out the issue.

The 'Avalon' rapper had been out watching and supporting Emeli Sande for her Royal Albert Hall performance in London when the incident took place, which saw his parked black Mercedes AMG Gillwing hit by a passing car.

"Big up whoever crashed into my car while it was parked and sped off," Professor Green tweeted late last night (11th November). "My neighbour got your details b***h!

"Your insurance premium after this is an absolute par. I only had my car back 5 days before this musty decided to drive into it. FFS," Professor Green posted, before adding: "I think I might write a song about doughnuts crashing into parked cars tomorrow. night night x."

Despite his car troubles Professor Green also tweeted about 'Heaven' singer Emeli Sande's performance, after joining her onstage yesterday for a performance of their joint single 'Read All About It'.

"First time in a long time I've felt nerves. @emelisande royal albert hall… Thank you xx," he tweeted. "It was an absolute joy seeing you beautiful people let go.

"Emeli just gave one of the most triumphant performances I've seen xx," Professor Green added.

Check out a picture of Professor Green from this year below:

Emeli Sande's performance at the Royal Albert Hall also saw her joined on stage by Labrinth for a duet of their recent hit 'Beneath Your Beautiful', and the Scottish singer-songwriter tweeted the two artists after to thank them for coming out.

She posted: "Huge MASSIVE thank you to @professorgreen and @Labrinthda1st for joining me on stage last night and making such an epic night!!!"

Professor Green is currently back in the recording studio working on new music for this third album.