Post Malone Reassures Fans Over 'Drug Abuse' Concerns After 'Worrying' Concert Footage Emerged

9 March 2020, 16:01

Post Malone reassures fans he's 'fantastic' after 'worrying' concert videos
Post Malone reassures fans he's 'fantastic' after 'worrying' concert videos. Picture: Getty Images

Post Malone has responded to fans' worry over performance footage that appears to show the singer under the influence of some kind of substance- something the 'Circles' star has denied.

Post Malone has responded to worried fans who posted concert footage of the 'Psycho' singer 'falling' over on stage and eyes rolling back in his head, saying he's 'fantastic' and appreciates everybody's concern.

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Speaking out during a show in Memphis for part of his 'Runaway' tour, the 24-year-old addressed the crowd, saying:

"I'm not on drugs! I feel the best I've ever f**king felt in my life."

"And that's why I can bust my ass for these shows and f--king fall on the floor and do all that fun shit," Malone added on Friday."

"But for anyone that's concerned here, I appreciate the love and the support, but I feel f--king fantastic, and I'm not doing drugs."

Concerns were sparked when a number of fans posted videos of the Canadian singer acting strangely on stage, crouching down with his eyes rolling back and acting strangely, whilst in another clip he appears to fall over- something he says is part of the song aptly named 'I Fall Apart'.

His manager, Dre London, has even stepped into the discussion, explaining his stage antics are nothing but that, writing: "Thanks for your concerns! I’m sure I would have let you know if something was wrong! Falling while performing “I Fall Apart” guys."

His behaviour has sparked a serious debate between fans, as some argue he used to be in a metal band and it is all part of his stage persona, but others mentioned he looks like he may have lost weight and should keep his health in mind.

Some fans reason Post Malone's behaviour is normal
Some fans reason Post Malone's behaviour is normal. Picture: Twitter

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