Pixie Lott "Feels Good" About Learning To Play The Guitar

10 January 2012, 18:40 | Updated: 10 January 2012, 19:39

The 'Kiss The Stars' singer has had her first real guitar lesson ahead of her 21st birthday this week.

Pixie Lott has revealed she started learning to play the guitar and is hoping to write music on the instrument when she is good enough.

The 'All About Tonight' singer, who turns 21 on Thursday (12th January), announced the news on Twitter earlier today (10th January).

"Back in London! Just had my first ever actual guitar lesson wowowop!" Pixie tweeted. "Feeels good, can't wait to write with it."

She later added: "I can't wait to be 21! Agagaga #2days."

Pixie also unveiled the music video for her new single 'Kiss The Stars' today which sees the 'Mama Do' singer sporting a new look.

Pixie Lott is due to release 'Kiss The Stars' as the third single from her album 'Young Foolish Happy' on 29th January.