Pixie Lott clears up Professor Green dating rumours

Miss Pixie Lott is a girl in demand at the moment, so just before her amazing performance at the iTunes Festival on Tuesday night, our showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes caught up with the lady herself to have a good old chinwag about what she's been upto.

Pixie recently appeared as a guest judge on X Factor and told us: It was loads of fun and I would definitely love another chance to do it again, but I do feel sorry for Cheryl right now- its such a shame.  And on Simon Cowell: He was actually lovely as were all the judges. It was weird to be on the panel facing all the performers and I just knew I had to be honest with them... but it was very hard.

The 'Gravity' singer has also been dipping her talented toe into the world of movies. Later this year Pixie will star in the Nickelodeon film 'Fred- The Movie' and later this summer Pixie will begin filming her scenes for 'Sweet Baby Jesus', in which shell star opposite divas Bette Midler and Sex in the City star Kim Cattrall.  It has recently been rumoured that the role had originally been offered to Britney Spears? Pixie admitted: I did hear that, but who knows. There are so many rumours out there. I cant wait to work with Kim and Bette, shes such a legend so it should be cool.

But who would Pixie as her leading men if she could pick anyone? Oh there are loads. Ashton Kutcher, Leonardo DiCaprio, Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson - wow there are so many.

We also asked Pixie about rumours she's been dating Professor Green: They are funny because theyre really not true and he didnt say anything either so its a bit bizarrebut you just have to accept it. Im used to them making up stories linking me to different men, its fine.

Kevin Hughes chats to Pixie Lott

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