Pixie Lott: "I'd Love To Record A Duet Like Brandy & Monica" - Video

6 February 2012, 12:21 | Updated: 6 February 2012, 12:25

The 'Kiss The Stars' singer speaks to Capital FM about her ideal all-female collaboration.

Pixie Lott has revealed she would like to record an all-female duet.

In an interview with Capital FM, the 'Kiss The Stars' singer said her dream collaboration would be inspired by Brandy & Monica's 1998 song, 'The Boy Is Mine'.

"I'd love to do a duet with a female singer because not many girls do it. It's more boy and girl," she said.

"I don't know if you remember this song form back in the day – Brandy and Monica, 'The Boy Is Mine' – I love that song, so I'd love to do something like that."

When asked which female artist she would like to record the song with, Pixie replied: "There's so many amazing people. 

"It could be UK or American. In America, you've got Beyonce or Rihanna, all these amazing people. Adele, who's in both markets. Jessie J, Ellie Goulding…there's loads."

Meanwhile, Pixie told capitalfm.com last week that she would also like to record a collaboration with Coldplay.

The 21-year-old singer released her second album 'Young Foolish Happy' last year. Her new single 'Kiss The Stars' is available to download now.

Watch Pixie Lott talking to James Barr about her ideal female duet below:

Watch the video for Brandy & Monica's 'The Boy Is Mine: