Pixie Lott: "I Will Never Quit Music To Focus On Fashion Career" - Audio

1 February 2012, 10:42 | Updated: 1 February 2012, 10:51

The 'Cry Me Out' singer is happy that she can balance her passions but wants to always keep musically involved.

Pixie Lott has confessed that should could leave music to focus solely on a fashion career.

The 'Mama Do' star told Capitalfm.com that although she does have a "passion for fashion", music is the main thing which makes her happy.

She confessed: " Music will always be the main thing just because that's what makes me happy. That's what I couldn't imagine not doing.

"But, I have a passion for fashion so I would love to focus on it more and get more involved in it at some point – just when the time is right."

The 'Girls And Boys' singer also revealed that she is pleased to be able to balance her career ventures.

"Where we're lucky, I can kind of do my music and have it along the side but I would never be able to stop doing music completely."

The star has launched her own design collections in the past and is a always mentioned when it comes to modern style icons.

Meanwhile, Pixie released her new single 'Kiss The Stars' earlier this week and also told Capitalfm.com that she wants to work with Coldplay in the future.

The star is also nominated for the Best British Single award at the BRIT Awards 2012 for her track 'All About Tonight'.

You can hear a clip of Pixie telling Capitalfm.com about how she will always be involved in music below.

Pixie Lott tells Capitalfm.com that she will never quit music to focus on fashion career