#ManCrushMonday - Pharrell Williams Vs Justin Timberlake

27 April 2015, 07:00

It's that time of the week again - time to pick your #MCM! This week's decision is between the gorgeous Pharrell Williams and the hottie that is Justin Timberlake. Let's look at the evidence…

It's a battle of musical heavyweights for this week's title of #ManCrushMonday as Pharrell Williams goes head to head with Justin Timberlake! Will the former N.E.R.D triumph over the artist formerly know as the Trousersnake?

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YOUR votes decide who will win - so choose carefully! Let's have a look at why each of these HOT men deserves to be your ultimate #MCM… 

Pharrell Williams 

Let's be serious - Pharrell is going to be a looker FOREVER. The man hasn't actually aged a day in about 20 years in the industry, not that we're complaining! Mr Williams is famous for his smooth lyrics and his dance moves, but why else should he take the crown of this week's #MCM? Check out his hottest moments before you decide:  


Justin Timberlake 

We've fancied Justin Timberlake since the days his hair resembled a sachet of packet noodles when he was a fresh faced boy band member in N'Sync - and aside from the hair getting a LOT better, nothing's changed. This gorgeous hunk of man is well known for his sharp suits and his even sharper dance moves, but why should he be your Man Crush? Check out the video below to help you decide:


Now you've seen the cases for both men, let us know who your ultimate pop hunk is in the poll below: 


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