WATCH: Marlon Wayans Lip Syncs Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ – Complete With Hat!

28 May 2015, 15:37

Pharrell is the latest person to have his song lipsynced – and Marlon Wayans has got ALL his moves down!

Ever since we saw Justin Bieber take on Ozzy Osbourne, we’ve been totally obsessed with Lip Sync Battle – and now Marlon Wayans has done Pharrell Williams!

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Marlon even donned Pharrell’s famous oversized Vivienne Westwood hat for the performance, channeling Mr Williams’ mannerisms to a tee.

At one point, Marlon tries to dance up on Queen Latifah and LL Cool J – which makes the pair of them leap out of their seats in horror. Awk.

We can’t wait to see who the next celeb impressions will be – it will be hard to top how spot on this one is! 

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