“I’m Totally Honoured”: Pharrell Thanks “The People” For ‘Happy’s UK Success

12 September 2014, 17:08

Pharrell is thankful to his fans for making ‘Happy’ the most downloaded song in the UK

Pharrell Williams’ hit song ‘Happy’ was announced as the UK’s most downloaded song ever – and he knows exactly who he has to thank for it!

Pharrell was speaking on Good Morning Britain after the news was announced and says that he believes most of the credit should go to his fans.

He said, “Most of this whole entire experience of 'Happy', I attribute to everyone else.”

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"When you talk about the success of the song in the UK and it being the most downloaded song, I'm totally honoured to be a part of it but I am very clear as to where the emphasis and the appreciation and the accolade should go - and that's to the people."

And it’s not just that accolade that Pharrell is thankful to his fans for – he’s super appreciative of their support in his lives shows too.

He added, “I'm performing but I kind of feel like I'm the one enjoying the show, because they're all there making me feel amazing.”

"My band is there to support me - the dancers, the bass. I feel like I'm the one that's getting a treat, because it's like, 'Man, y'all don't have to show up here for me!'"

Anyone who has seen Pharrell live knows the audience are definitely the lucky ones! 

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