Niall Horan Vows To Stop Tweeting As ‘People Don’t Get Sarcasm’ After He Responds To Questions About Confidence

20 August 2019, 14:36

Niall Horan joked he would 'stop tweeting'
Niall Horan joked he would 'stop tweeting'. Picture: Getty

Niall Horan has vowed to stop tweeting after fans took his sarcastic comments seriously.

Niall Horan happily interacts with his fanbase on Twitter on a regular basis, but some of his responses aren’t always interpreted in the way he hopes they would be.

The One Direction singer shared a picture on Instagram which asked: “Who are you crushing on this Monday?” With pictures of artists including Troye Sivan, Sam Smith and of course Niall – and Niall wrote in the caption: “Niall”.

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Despite clearly poking fun at himself, some fans took his remark seriously and when the 25 year old received a tweet in response to his upload saying: “Niall teach me how to be this confident please,” he said he was obviously joking.

Niall replied: “It’s so funny that literally 90 per cent of replies on this are ‘Niall you’re so confident’. I’m clearly joking.”

Another person then asked if he was also joking when he replied: “Both cute as f**k” when one fan compared photos of the pop star as blonde and brunette.

Clearly the ‘Slow Hands’ singer had had enough of the questions, so he jokingly replied: “I’m just gonna stop tweeting because people don’t understand sarcasm on Twitter.. Hahaha. It’s so funny watching people’s reactions.”

He later added: “If they knew me, they would get me.”

However, most of Niall’s fans know his responses are light-hearted and begged him not to stop tweeting.

Of course, he'll be back on the social media site in no time – fear not!

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