Niall Horan Is Praised By Fans For Speaking Openly About His Struggles With OCD

18 April 2018, 17:34

Niall Horan OCD Asset

The singer has opened up about living with OCD and how his ticks have affected him growing up and even on stage...

Niall has spoken frankly about his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and ticks that come with it, saying it's something which has affected him his entire life. 

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Speaking with a German children's magazine ZEIT LEO, Niall confessed he didn't have the best years of his life at school due to his OCD which sees him restricted to doing certain tasks (including performing) in a specific and set routine.

He told them ''when I go on stage, I have one fixed sequence. I always have to sing in the same order, move and so on...otherwise I'll get nervous quickly.''

The 'Slow Hands' singer also opened up about his time at school replying to the interviewers question if he was popular, saying ''Popular? No, not at all. I didn't have many friends at school.''

WTF? Why would anyone not want to be friends with one of the friendliest guys in music?! We're super confused.

Don't worry guys, it's not all sad, because Niall continued onto say how once he was surrounded by fellow musicians, many of them had ticks just like him and he realised ''I'm not like most normal people- but most musicians are like me!''

Fans are praising the star for talking openly and for helping others cope with their OCD.

We're proud of Niall for talking openly about his issue to help other kids understand and are super happy he ''now has enough people around [him] who understand him''. <3

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