Niall Horan's Makes His SNL Solo Debut With An Epic Performance Of 'Nice To Meet Ya'

16 December 2019, 12:03

Niall Horan on Saturday Night Live
Niall Horan on Saturday Night Live. Picture: SNL/YouTube

Niall Horan's Saturday Night Live solo debut was crowned a success by fans after both his sketch and performances won over the viewers' hearts.

Niall Horan took his debut solo Saturday Night Live appearance in his stride this weekend as millions tuned in to see the 1D man strut his stuff on the stage and put a good shift in in a comedy sketch.

Not only were fans enamoured by his overall performance, they couldn't get enough of Niall's choice in clothes... a GORGEOUS pink suit!

Niall Horan Encourages Fans To 'Save The Planet' With His 'Nice To Meet Ya' Tour Merch

Niall Horan performs on Saturday Night Live
Niall Horan performs on Saturday Night Live. Picture: SNL/YouTube

Niall's first involvement in the show, which was hosted by actress Scarlett Johansson, saw Niall rock out with his band to a perfect rendition of his single 'Nice To Meet Ya'. Fans couldn't contain their excitement; one wrote, 'Can we pls talk about how damn good niall horan looks in pink suit i demand a full hearing', with another adding, 'niall singing nice to meet ya in a pink suit is something i never knew i needed but now am so grateful to have'.

Niall Horan: Nice to Meet Ya (Live) - SNL

Horan also had a part to play in a sketch titled 'Hot Tub Christmas' in which he played a cigarette smoking, side-burned ghost called 'Big Jim'. Niall was able to mix it with the comedians and actors and of course received praise for all the 1D fans from around the world.

A fan tweeted, "I did not expect Niall Horan to fit so well into this 70s stripper chicken hot tub sketch which is definitely a sentence that makes sense". Oh yes... we agree... very much.

Hot Tub Christmas - SNL

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