Niall Horan Opens Up About 'Genre' Of Upcoming Second Album

10 July 2019, 15:37

Niall has opened up about his upcoming record.
Niall has opened up about his upcoming record. Picture: instagram

Niall Horan has opened up about his upcoming second album!

Niall Horan has a brand new album on the way! However, he wants fans to know he hasn’t stuck to ‘any specific genre’.

The One Direction star sent fans into a frenzy when he tweeted about his new project on Tuesday night.

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The tweet read: “I 100% haven’t stuck myself into any specific genre. It’s been the most fun just writing and seeing what happens sound wise. Oh s**t this is going to be fun.”

One follower replied, saying: “Boy there best not be country music on this album.”

Another added: “We are very anxious to see what you are preparing for us.”

Niall has been working on his second album for months now, and we couldn’t be more excited for it to drop.

We’re unsure what the title is yet, as he’s been keeping it on the low.

Fans have called it NH2 whilst he sets about creating it, and hey, maybe he'll do a Little Mix and honour his fans by naming it that? Or, maybe he'll go down the self titled route?

Either way we just know we’re gonna love it!

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