WATCH: James Corden Locks Niall Horan And Julia Michaels In An Escape Room

21 February 2019, 07:45

Niall Horan and Julia Michaels attempting to break free from an escape room, on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

While on The Late Late Show, James Corden locked Niall Horan and Julia Michaels in an escape room, before they performed their new song 'What A Time'.

Dressed in the most iconic purple trousers, the 'Slow Hands' singer informed James Corden (and the millions of viewers watching) that he "needed a wee".

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James challenged the duo to see if they could break free from the room before the end of the show, in time to play their new song at the end of the show.

In the room, the pair struggled to get to grips with photos of dogs on the wall, and a special Late Late Show pizza.

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Fortunately, Niall and Julia managed to escape in time, and graced us with the beauty that is 'What A Time'.