Niall Horan Claps Back Fans Who Claim His Management 'Controlled' One Direction

8 August 2019, 15:30

Niall Horan defends his management against fans
Niall Horan defends his management against fans. Picture: Getty Images

Niall Horan has clapped back at One Direction fans who criticised his management team on Twitter.

Niall Horan has hit back at a fan who claimed his management, Modest management, who also manage One Direction, are less than the 'amazing' he called them in a shout out and claimed they controlled the band, including his hair colour.

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Niall took to Instagram to shout out "best crew in the business without a doubt" alongside a photo of him on a red carpet with his management team at an event for his record label, when fans set upon his tweet with some serious criticism of the management team.

When one user tweeted, "Niall sweetie why are you tagging [modest]", the 25-year-old replied saying, "Coz they're amazing why?".

When another fan stepped in to say :"no they're not", the 'Slow Hands' singer asked them "based on what?", which basically opened the floodgates for fans to offer up a whole lot of criticism, accusing Modest of controlling the 1D boys.

Niall Horan gives a shout out to his management on Instagram
Niall Horan gives a shout out to his management on Instagram. Picture: Instagram @NiallHoran

One fan sniped "based on literally everything they’ve done to your own band if you even remember that", leading Niall to question again "such as?", and we're so here for sassy Niall we can't even explain.

Another response claimed "such as not being able to hear what you wanted, to [colour] your hair the way you wanted, to basically be yourselves???? everything may not apply to you but yeah", with Niall posting a load of crying laugh emojis and asking "are you joking?"

Niall Horan hits back at fan who questions his management
Niall Horan hits back at fan who questions his management. Picture: Twitter/ @NiallOfficial

From claiming they wouldn't let Zayn grow a beard, to controlling the boys' hair colour, fans didn't hold back on Twitter, even pointing out that they started the hashtag 'LetNiallSing' back in 2013 after feeling as though Niall wasn't given enough solos in the band, something the singer did not respond to.

Regardless, Niall has been signed to them since his 1D days right through to his solo career and first album, Flicker, and is on excellent terms with the team.

He's also has been teasing the new music he's been working on for his second solo album which we literally cannot wait for, captioning an Insta snap from the studio writing:

"Spent the morning back in the studio I recorded the whole of ‘Flicker’. We recorded some beautiful strings for a special song and I look forward to sharing it with you."

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