Meghan Trainor's Funniest Quotes: Why We LOVE How Real The #CapitalSTB Star Is

17 May 2015, 17:30

Meghan Trainor

Check out the funniest interview moments from everyone's favourite 'All About That Bass' star.

We all know Meghan Trainor can create a SERIOUS pop anthem when she puts her mind to it - just see hits like 'Lips Are Movin' and 'Al About That Bass' for reference!

BUT... the thing you could easily miss if you weren't paying attention... is that she's ALSO ridiculously hilarious and witty!

We've rounded up some of her snarkiest and funniest interview moments to date all in one place, so get your #LOL hashtags at the ready...


1. “Performing a love song in front of Harry Styles is... terrifying.”

We don't envy Meghan on this one… just IMAGINE embarrassing yourself in front of the hunky 1D star. #HellOnEarth


2. “It’s hard growing up in today’s society, but we all do it. I’m like,  I got 12,000 likes today, I’m feeling goooood!”

Meghan succinctly reveals what we ALL feel about social media. That it's mean and unforgiving... until you get a helluva lot of likes on your profile pic! #Winning


3. "I thought I was dating these guys [growing up] and I was not, because they'd be with someone else the next week. I was like, 'Oh never mind, I don't like you either!"

The 'Lips Are Movin' star pretty much sums up what it's like growing up and having your heartbroken - as well as how you bounce back from it!


4. "I'm rubbing a penguin's belly!"

You really have to see this one to get the context. But watching Meghan hanging out with a penguin is DEFINITELY time well spent.


Meghan... we salute you!


5. "I just can't wait to be king!"

We should probably mention this one involves Meghan singing The Lion King soundtrack on helium. Yep, it's pretty amazing.


6. “When Beyonce said to me, my daughter and I jam to your songs, I think I yelled, I LOVE your baby!”

Meghan, we'd TOTALLY do the same. 



7. “I hate it when people say poop!"

Meghan says what we were ALL really thinking. #Preach


8. "Do you know how much this hair is? Extensions are really expensive, this is totally fake, everyone has fake hair! No one talks about it but I’ll talk about it!"

Finally someone said it! Meghan, you rock!


9. "Hey guys of Italy. I'm totally single and ready to mingle!"

Let's face it, this girl's got GAME!


Meghan... we salute you!

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