WATCH: Matt Terry Has THE Most Awkward Chat Of His Life, When He Got Pranked Ringing "Harry Styles"

26 December 2017, 07:30

For the last time, Matt, Harry's not in the new 'Lord of the Rings' TV show!

We love Matt Terry. We also love Harry Styles. So while Matt was hosting #MattTerryOnCapital, it only seemed logical that we get the two of them to have a quick chat.

The only problem is... Harry wasn't available.

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So we asked the next best thing. But they were busy too, so we just thought "Whatever. Let's just get Roman Kemp to pretend to be Harry".

But Matt didn't know this. So you can only imagine how awkward it got when his producer handed him a few ridiculous interview questions, including collaborations with Rihanna and appearances on the upcoming 'Lord of the Rings' series; none of which are true.

We're just pleased we didn't totally ruin Boxing Day for Matt. Love you, mate. xox

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We cheered Matt up though, by getting Rak-Su to serenade him with a freestyle Boxing Day tune...