WATCH: Matt Terry Spills The Beans On His Wooing Techniques, Including The Notorious DM-Slide...

10 December 2017, 19:47

And THAT is why we're suckers for him.

Matt Terry is kind of a big deal. That explains why the 'Sucker For You' singer has over 137,000 followers on Twitter. Told ya - kind of a big deal.

Fresh off of his sound check, he popped by to Rob Howard for a quick catch-up and Rob Howard wanted a few tips on how to woo.

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Matt Terry with Rob Howard

Luckily for Rob, it seems like Matt Terry's a bit of a smooth criminal. He told Rob that he's pretty skilled on sliding in the DMs, and - unlike most of us - actually plays the opening line pretty chill.

So if you're ever trying to charm a new match on Tinder, just think... What would Matt do?

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