The Maroon 5 Boys Have Done It Again... Hear Their New Song 'Maps' Right Now

17 June 2014, 11:03 | Updated: 17 June 2014, 12:22

After one listen to 'Maps' we GUARANTEE you won't be able to stop singing along with Adam & co.

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived… Maroon 5 are back and they've brought the song of the summer with them.

The 'One More Night' four-piece unveiled their brand new track 'Maps' in full last night (16th June), so give it a listen and you'll soon know what we're talking about.

These boys seem to have an uncanny knack for coming up with songs people just cannot get out of our heads, how many of you still find yourselves singing along to 'Moves Like Jagger' every now and again?

'Maps' sadly isn't out in the UK until 24th August, but that just gives you plenty of time to learn the catchy lyrics to Maroon 5's lead track from their new album 'V'.

"But I wonder where we you, when I was at my worst,

Down on my knees, and instead f having my back,

So I wonder where were you, all the worse you took came back to me,

So I'm following the map that leads to you, the map that leads to you,

Ain't nothing I can do, the map that leads to you,

Following, following, following to you."

And if you don't find yourself singing along to the song lyrics "following, following, following" repeatedly for the next week then… well, we don't believe you!

Don't forget… Maroon 5's FIFTH studio album 'V' follows the singles release in September this year.

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