Oops! Madonna Suffered ANOTHER On-Stage Wardrobe Malfunction Getting Caught In Her Veil

8 February 2016, 16:44

Madonna Fall

What is it with Madonna and capes?!

Currently undergoing a World tour, the Vogue star was in Thailand when #CapeGate came back to haunt her but in the shape of a wedding veil this time! 

It was half way through 'Material Girl' when Madge was covered in the large see-through drape, making her way down the steps out onto the apron and it all suddenly started to go a bit wrong. 

Watch the moment Madge was nearly dragged down by her veil! 


Is it just us, or could she have just single-handedly started a new dance trend?!


Omg it's *basically* the new Gangnam Style.


And can we all agree it's probably best Madonna just stays away from any kind of drapey item?!

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