WATCH: Louis Tomlinson's 'Two Of Us' Video Clip From Scavenger Hunt

5 March 2019, 14:53

Louis Tomlinson fans unlock 'Two Of Us' video clip
Louis Tomlinson fans unlock 'Two Of Us' video clip. Picture: Getty Images/ Louis Tomlinson 'Two Of Us' promo

After Louis Tomlinson hid hotspots around the world to promote his new single 'Two Of Us' fans have uncovered the touching interview where he praises fans for the loyalty surrounding the track's leak.

Fans have completed Louis Tomlinson's Two Of Us scavenger hunt and in doing so, uncovered the hidden video clip of him talking about the leak of the song and how amazingly his fans handled it.

Louis Tomlinson’s Hidden ‘Two Of Us’ Video Clips Around The World – Here’s How You Can Listen

Louis admits that had he have received the leaked song, he may have listened to it, something his fans didn't do.

He said: "It's moments like that when the fans really show how savvy they are and also loyal."

"It was like a ten second snippet of the track leak and I was a little bit worried at first, I thought it would be the full song but it got took down really, really quick and they say they didn't listen to it which is amazing cos I think I might have done."

Fans were sent on the scavenger hunt when Louis, 27, posted the message onto his social media accompanied by a map.

It read: "I've hidden some video clips in hotspots around the world. All I need you to do is find them & then you'll be the first to hear more about my new track"

"Share what you find using #TwoOfUs & try to piece it together!"

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