Larry Fans Think Louis Tomlinson's Reunited With Harry Styles In Music Video - Here's The Receipts To Prove It

12 July 2017, 07:59 | Updated: 5 December 2018, 09:44

Watch this video and make up your own minds, 'cause we just don't know anymore.

31 December 2015. 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve'. It was One Direction's last televised performance, as a group, before their hiatus. Ever since, there's been a 1D-shaped hole in our hearts.

Now, a few Larry supporters seem to have spotted a teeny, weeny reunion by 40 per cent of the band, in an upcoming music video. (Thankfully, you can only read this, and can't actually hear us squealing.)

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Louis Tomlinson has recently been teasing his second solo single, 'Back To You', on Instagram, using several well-produced videos. The first, saw him doing all the major pop-star things to do, like...

Folding laundry.

What really caught people's eyes was the cup of coffee, and not just because it was early and they needed something to keep them alert. But because the hand picking up the mug looked mighty familiar.

Despite it's grainy blur, fans assumed that the hand belonged to the one and only Harry Styles, based on the large rings, and the fact that they couldn't spot Louis '28' tattoo on his fingers.

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Louis' notifications must have popped off, after we saw tonnes of comments consist of "Wait is that Harry's hand....." and "RINGS HARRYS RINGS SIRIDMMSLSKCJSKALJXJCJSKSO".

Why you gotta play with our hearts like this, Louis? Just let us watch the video already, bro.

No matter how much we want it to, we doubt Louis' next song will have a four-piece Mariachi band, so this will just have to do, won't it?