97% Of You Reading This Will Cry When You See How Much Love Louis Tomlinson Has For Niall And His New Song

19 September 2017, 10:23

Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson Jingle Ball 2015

No. We're not crying. Erm... There's dust in our eyes.

We love Niall Horan. We love Louis Tomlinson. We love pretty much everything One Direction. So when those worlds collide, there's a warm, fuzzy feeling inside us that we just can't explain.

The Irish singer recently dropped his new single 'Too Much To Ask', and while everyone was on it like Sonic, there was a response from one person we were waiting for.

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Louis Tomlinson With Roman Kemp

Louis Tomlinson jumped on Twitter to not only praise his One Direction band mate, but to congratulate him on the technicalities of the song.

Messaging the 'Slow Hands' singer, Louis wrote "Ohhhhhhh sh*t ! Niall you sound great on the new single lad . Big tune. Love the production !! [sic]

"Effortless and really well written ! Buzzing for you Nialler [sic]" continued the 'Just Hold On' singer. And then... Sniffle... This happened.

Niall replied, thanking him with all of the love in the world.

Is anyone else hugging their phone/computer now too?

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And if you thought that was cute, wait until you see Niall's reaction to Louis' new music. THEY'RE. SO. CUTE.