Louis Tomlinson's Touching Gesture To A Young Fan Will Make You Love Him Even More

22 August 2019, 16:08

Louis Tomlinson sends a young fan a note and hamper of toys
Louis Tomlinson sends a young fan a note and hamper of toys. Picture: Karly Rogers/ Instagram @louist91

The 'Two Of Us' singer has made one young fan very happy by sending him a hamper of goodies and a truly adorable note!

Louis Tomlinson has proved once again what an amazing person he is, by sending one young fan, Harryson Rogers, 5, a hamper of toys and an adorable note, which his mum says has made him very happy and her feel like her 'heart is going to burst.'

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Updating and thanking two fan accounts, @LouisTeamFrance and @LouisPromoSquad who stayed in touch with Harryson's mum and helped the gesture happen, Karly Rogers posted a photo of the note and the hamper of toys to Twitter, writing:

"Seriously lucky boy @Louis_Tomlinson he is waiting on seeing you think he will be hunting your events down by next year!"

She also added how happy both she and her little boy has been made by Louis' gesture, writing:

"Just had an amazing call from @MakeAWishUK louis has reached out to Harrysson and sent him lots of bits my heart is literally going to burst @Louis_Tomlinson @LouisTeamFrance @LouisPromoSquad thank you for always being there for my precious boy!

This isn't the first time Louis has reached out to him, having first met Harryson whilst he was a judge on the X Factor, hanging out backstage with him- but made contact again after hearing he had been unwell and sent him some gifts and a letter.

The singer first got in contact with Harryson through Make A Wish, as he has been ill on and off since birth, having a health condition that affects his bladder and kidneys, and has undergone 20 operations.

Fans flooded Karly's Twitter with messages wishing Harryson well and congratulating him on receiving the goodies from his idol, with one user writing:

"Now I’m in tears...what a lovely thing to do Louis x. But more than anything what a brave..amazing little boy Harrysson is. Fingers crossed you get to see him soon Harrysson. Enjoy playing with your gifts...loads of love."

Louis has also just announced that lucky fans will be getting to hear his new material at an upcoming show in Madrid, which is just another occasion for all of us Louis fans, Harryson included, to look forward to!

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