Liam Payne - 'Bedroom Floor'

7 November 2017, 13:11

And he's recruited Bella Thorne to help him out...

We're simple people. We see Liam Payne's dropped a new music video, and we click.

This time, the One Direction member has released the video for his brand new 'Bedroom Floor', with the help from former Disney Channel star, Bella Thorne.

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Acting as her sexy Jiminy Cricket, Liam is Bella Thorne's conscience, as she fights with her boyfriend over and over again, until we get a dance-off between Liam and Bella in a club.

It all comes to blows when Bella catches her man flirting with another woman, and ends up chucking his clothes in a pool. (If only we all had a personal swimming pool to chuck bae's clothes in when we get in an argument.)

Some fans have been left confused by the casting, however, seeing as Bella did initially have beef with Charlie Puth, who's not only one of Liam's best pals, but also a contributor of 'Bedroom Floor'.

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