WATCH: Lewis Capaldi Showing Off His New Tracksuit On Instagram Is Beyond Hilarious

8 May 2019, 12:01

Lewis Capaldi shows off his new tracksuit on Instagram
Lewis Capaldi shows off his new tracksuit on Instagram. Picture: Instagram/Getty Images

Lewis Capaldi never fails to make us laugh on Instagram, and showing off his new tracksuit to the world is absolutely no exception.

Lewis Capaldi jus got a new tracksuit and he's seriously excited to show it off his brand new, charity shop tracksuit to the world, complete with a trademark pair of sunnies, and people can't handle just how hilarious the 'Someone You Loved' singer.

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Lewis, 22, stood in front of his mirror pulling his finest poses, and couldn't get over just how good he looked in the turquoise suit, saying: "Spoiler alert, I look f***ing decent... I look hard as nails... it flatters my midriff..."

"I walk in the pub like that, 'Oh is that Lewis Capaldi?', I turn around and go, ladies, how ya doing, can I buy you a drink please?"

"Now, now ladies, stop me if I'm wrong here, but is it getting a bit hot in here?"

Ever since he burst onto the scene, bagging his first number one with 'Someone You Loved', his Instagram game has been so hilarious he's gathered a following than find him equally talented as is funny.

One twitter user wrote "Lewis Capaldi in his new tracksuit absolutely no if this kid is not living his best life I don’t know what is" and another said "if Lewis Capaldi showed up to the met gala in that tracksuit, Anna Wintour would stan" and we don't think they're wrong.

He was so impressed with himself, he then uploaded a photo of himself wearing it, captioning it: "Have you ever seen a man wearing an outfit he was more destined to wear than this?"

"I asked my mum to take these pictures of me and I could see in her eyes she was wishing she never gave birth to me more and more with every passing pose."

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