WATCH: Lewis Capaldi Gets Quizzed Whilst Cooking A Ready Meal

11 April 2019, 19:25 | Updated: 11 April 2019, 19:26

'Someone You Loved' singer Lewis Capaldi has taken on his strangest interview to date.

The Scottish star joined Jimmy Hill on the brand-new Capital Evening Show for an interview... with a twist.

Last time he was on the show, Lewis said he wasn't too fussed about the catering when he joins Ed Sheeran as the support act for his UK tour this summer and would be more than happy with a ready meal.

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Well, Jimmy put that to the test by taking Lewis to the Capital kitchenette and doing the whole chat whilst waiting for a cheese and tomato penne pasta dish to warm up in the microwave.


Answering a series of quick fire questions before the microwave pinged, Lewis revealed his dream collaboration would be with David Attenborough and that he'd love to buy a house in Diss, an unusually-named town in Norfolk.

Lewis recounted his favourite childhood memory, when he cut his head open playing with his brother and his mum refused to take him to hospital and just handed him an ice lolly instead.

He also told a rather disturbing story about a time that a member of his band "trusted a fart a bit too much"... yep.

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