WATCH: Lewis Capaldi Was Ghosted By All Four Members Of Little Mix

9 April 2019, 16:49

Everyone's favourite pop newcomer Lewis Capaldi was ghosted by every single member of Little Mix... and it hurt him deeply.

Lewis Capaldi, everybody's fan-favourite Scottish singer dropped by the studio to chat to our very own Roman Kemp and gave us an insight into his recent dealings with the pop icons Little Mix.

Back in 2017, Lewis tweeted how he wanted Little Mix's 'Touch' played at his funeral and since hitting the heights of the charts, Little Mix finally wrote back asking for 'Touch: Part 2'.

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Lewis Capaldi admits he hit up Little Mix but they ghosted him
Lewis Capaldi admits he hit up Little Mix but they ghosted him. Picture: Capital FM

When asked if the collaboration is happening, Lewis told Ro, Vick and Sonny, ‘That’s the dream, but I haven’t had any follow up from the Little Mix team and it’s hurt me’

He added, ‘I tweeted that I wanted Little Mix’s ‘Touch’ played at my funeral - I think that’d be a great song to send me into the abyss - I love the song, I love Little Mix, they tweeted me saying let’s make a 'Touch Part 2' collaboration happen and then they never got back to me’

There's probably nothing worse than being ignored by an entire girlband and Lewis can confirm just that after revealing he'd officially ‘been ghosted by all four members of Little Mix’.

Hopefully it's only a matter of time before Jade makes good on the promise she made on Twitter: 'Ready for the touch part 2 collab when you are'. BRING. IT. ON.

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