Lewis Capaldi Loves One Direction Almost As Much As Niall Horan

17 October 2019, 10:53

Lewis Capaldi loves One Direction, but Niall Horan is his favourite
Lewis Capaldi loves One Direction, but Niall Horan is his favourite. Picture: Getty Images/ YouTube Seventeen

Lewis Capaldi has let his inner Directioner loose as he sings one of their classics, but Niall Horan is definitely still his favourite.

We all know Lewis Capaldi is a legend, as well as a very talented musician, but he's finally come clean about a passion of his that we're pretty sure a lot of other people share with him, One Direction.

WATCH: Lewis Capaldi's Hilarious Rant About Niall Horan's 'Dirty' 'Nice To Meet Ya' Video

In a lyric challenge with Seventeen, the 'Bruises' singer spoke about his love for 1D, and of course, his best friend Niall Horan.

He admitted: "I love boybands, I love their hair, I love their little dimples."

In true Lewis style, he savagely added: "Who doesn’t love One Direction? My grandmother, but she’ll be dead soon."

"1D baby...I love One Direction, love them all, my favourite is Niall Horan, because he's the only one whose number I have in my phone...love you Niall."

Fans of the singer have been tweeting about how hard they laughed at the monologue, and have officially let him into the Directioner fan club, proving his worth with the savage lines.

Lewis Capaldi has fans in tears over his love for boybands
Lewis Capaldi has fans in tears over his love for boybands. Picture: Twitter/ @ezamora2

We know how supportive Lewis has been of the 'Nice To Meet Ya' singer when he posted a series of hilarious Instagram stories promoting the track and declaring the Irish star as his BFF, admitting he missed Niall's innocent younger years in the band.

Such good friends are Lewis and Niall, that they actually have a collaboration in the works, and we can't actually imagine these two getting through a song together without laughing, but we definitely won't say no to a duet from them!

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