Labrinth Promises "Crazy" Collaborations On Tinie Tempah's New Album 'Demonstration'

17 December 2012, 13:59 | Updated: 17 December 2012, 14:22

The 'Earthquake' singer says Tinie is "taking his time" with his second studio album.

Labrinth has promised some "crazy" new team-ups between himself and Tinie Tempah on the rapper's new album.

'Pass Out' rapper Tinie is currently working on his new album 'Demonstration', widely expected to be released sometime in 2013, and Labrinth says they have come up with some "bangers" together for the record.

"You can expect some new crazy bangers from us, man," Labrinth revealed to the Daily Star this week, before teasing when fans can expect to hear new music from the 'Wonderman' rapper.

"I think he wants to take his time on this one, man," the singer explained. 'It's a good idea."

Check out a picture of Tinie Tempah enjoying a workout in the gym this month below (Credit: Twitter):

Labrinth previously worked with Tinie on several songs from his 2010 debut 'Disc-Overy', including the massive single 'Pass Out', and Tinie returned the favour on Labrinth's 2011 hit 'Earthquake'.

Tinie Tempah's new album 'Demonstration' was originally expected to launch this year but the rapper since delayed the record to continue working on new music.