Labrinth To Release Fan Created 'Last Time' Remix - Audio

7 March 2012, 10:16

Winner 1man's remix will now be released alongside the official single.

Labrinth has chosen the winner of a competition for a fan to remix his latest single, 'Last Time'.

Fans from around the world were invited to remix the third single to be taken from his debut solo album 'Electronic Earth'.

The winner was 1man, whose 'Last Time' remix will now go on to feature on the digital version of the single.

In a statement, Labrinth said: "Solid electro house with a great arrangement, cool use of the original.

"The sound mixing was tight sonically This track sound worthy of any remix package."

Fans can pre-order 'Last Time' now ahead of its release on 18th March. 'Electronic Earth' will be released on 2nd April.

Listen to the 'Last Time' 1man remix and the original version of the song below: