Labrinth: "'Last Time' Is My Perception Of Daft Punk And Kraftwerk" - Video

19 March 2012, 14:39 | Updated: 19 March 2012, 15:45

The star claims his latest single was born out of a love of science fiction.

Labrinth has confessed that his new single 'Last Time' was created from a love of science fiction and was his perception of Daft Punk and Kraftwerk.

The 'Earthquake' star told that he was "gravitated" towards the sound of the song by his love of the band's and his sc-fi passion.

He admitted: "I love sci-fi – everytime I look on a movies case it always says sci-fi even if I don't know it's a sci-fi movie that's what attracts me. So, I think that's what gravitated me towards this kind of vibe and sound.

"'Last Time' for me, was me working on that kind of French housey sound which is like Daft Punk. As well, German band Kraftwerk were inspired by electronic music so that's why I wanted to have my own perception of it."

Meanwhile, the 'Let The Sun Shine' star's recent live session with Capital FM will be premiered online tomorrow afternoon.

You can watch a video of Labrinth talking to about his single 'Last Time' below: